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The bathroom in my first apartment was minuscule.   I had tolerated it during my pediatric internship, allowing myself the possibility of a "re-do" if I survived the rigors of the hospital.   By incorporating wasted space from the bedroom, the bathroom could be enlarged and a closet could be added.  

That bathroom project changed something in me.  I enjoyed the process tremendously, from planning the new space to picking materials and fixtures to watching the new room materialize.  Solving problems along the way felt more like an adventure than an annoyance.  Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about starting another project.  Funny how I survived the omnipresent contagions of life at Jackson Memorial only to be "infected" with the renovation bug in my own home.​

Since completing that bathroom more than 20 years ago I have reworked dozens of spaces for myself and others.  The problem solving is what I Iike best.  It is what I enjoyed most in Pediatrics.  Healed cuts, mended bones and improved adolescent self-esteem all left me feeling satisfied with my participation.  Similarly, finding a space for mom's office so things don't get lost or creating an outdor play area for the kids can bring relief to a home and make for a healthier household. 

Adding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design to my years of practical experience and medical background uniquely qualifies me to listen, observe, diagnose appropriate solutions and execute the perfect prescription for most design quandaries.  I take great pride in my work and client relationships and would be happy to provide references upon request.



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